INDIA, SIKH, Gold siege rupee, Multan

Started by gsrctr, August 13, 2022, 08:01:18 PM

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I have not seen this coin posted so far.
This is a very rare coin with historical significance.
The coin below is from my collection, in great condition and graded MS 65 by PCGS.
Copied the following description from Dr. Pankaj Tandon though - cannot improve on perfection :)

Obverse   Legend: sahai satguru (may the true guru help!)
Reverse   Leaf, VS date 1905 above, legend mundarka (siege) below
Date   VS 1905 ( = 1848 CE)
Weight   0.61 gm.

Diameter   8.5 mm.
Die axis   12 o'clock
Reference   KM 87, Herrli 11.09.04

This coin was struck during the siege of Multan by the British in VS 1905 (1848 CE). The garrison was led by Diwan Mulraj, who found himself in possession of no silver but did have a considerable store of gold. Consequently, he struck these small gold pieces to pay his troops. They were meant to pass as one rupee coins. The coins were struck with either plain or reeded edges; this one has a reeded edge.
The legends on the coin reflect the dire circumstances in which it was struck. On the obverse, there is an appeal to the Guru to help, and on the reverse is the word mundarka, probably related to the word mundra, which means ring or collar. During the siege, the city was surrounded by British troops, who eventually broke through and occupied Multan.


Another awesome gold. Interesting the calling for help in the obverse, i can't remember seeing any other coin with such legends.



Thank you, Oesho.
That is a plain edge variety - been looking to get one, but that seems to be even rarer than the reeded edge.