An overweight Takka of Bundi- With dagger on reverse

Started by drnsreedhar, August 09, 2022, 10:14:57 AM

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Takka of Bundi generally weighs 17 to 18 gms. This coin weighs 26.67gms (confirmed by reweighing). Diameter is 23.4mm.There is an additional dagger symbol above the Regnal Year also.
A similar coin with a dagger above RY is presented in Virasat Auctions. That coin specs read "Diameter-20.61 mm; Weight-19.36 gms". This is obviously overweight.
But the coin in this post is about 9gms overweight!
Is the denomination a unit Takka or a higher one?


With an overweight of around 50%, this could be a different denomination. I am not sure if a coin of 1½ takka makes sense in Bundi's coin system. The added mark opens the possibility that it was struck in a different mint.

A third possibility comes from the puzzling dating of the coin. If it refers to the 32nd year of the reign of Shah Alam II, it should be struck around 1205. The Numista reference you use on Zeno is for a coin in the name of Ram Singh (1236-1273), whose reign started after the death of Shah Alam II, so maybe your coin was issued for a previous ruler of Bundi. It is possible that under this previous ruler, takkas were heavier.

Zeno 298661 (this coin)
Numista 324663 ?

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