Bengal Presidency - Copper Pice INO Shah Alam II RY37

Started by Paulsoumyaj, July 31, 2022, 01:14:32 PM

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Hello everyone.

Sharing picture of two Copper Pice. The Smaller one (in size 22.5mm / 5.90gm) is one that I inherited and the other (26.6mm / 6.39gm) I acquired.

Requesting guidance on this size and weight variance of same issue.




Yes, British India, pice of Bengal Presidency, Calcutta mint. Checking a Krause catalog, and going by the photos plus reported weights and diameters, it looks like the larger one is KM#56 (nominally 26 mm, weight not stated in my catalog) and the smaller is KM#57 (nominally 6.13 g and 23 mm), keeping in mind that there was some variability.


KM 56
Numista 22954
Zeno 57367, 159976

KM 57
Numista 329740
Zeno ?
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