I need help identifying an ancient Coins (Coin #34)

Started by kimo, June 16, 2022, 03:02:53 AM

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I purchased this ancient coins from ebay as Islamic Coins
and I need your help identifying it from what era and year and what is written on it
any information will be helpful
weight 0.8 g
Diameter 1.8 cm


Hopeless :-\  however with a little work on brightness and contrast we can read "zarb fi..."and a date at top which leads to an ottoman issue.
34 b.jpg
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Thank you Saro, for the coin ID:
Dear kimo, it is not easy to read anything on your coin except 28 on top; I am not sure about the mint:
Ottoman, Sultan Mahmud II, AD 1834/RY 28, AR 1 Para, Konstantiniyye (Constantinople) mint (AH 1223-1255/1832-1838 AD)
Reverse (Left photo):
Regnal year, mint and date
٢٨  , 28 Regnal year, at top
ضرب  , duriba  (struck)
في  , fi (in)
قسطنطينية  , Konstantiniyye (Constantinople)
١٢٢٣  , 1223 (Accession year)
Obverse (Right photo):
Toughra of Mahmud II
Mahmud II (محمود ثانى) was the 30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1808 until his death in 1839.

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