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Royal Mint of Belgium to get a new mintmaster (and mintmastermark)

Started by eurocoin, June 13, 2022, 06:11:01 PM

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On 1 August 2022, Ingrid van Herzele will resign as mintmaster of Royal Mint of Belgium, due to her retirement. A successor has already been chosen and will be announced shortly. Because of this, Belgium will also introduce a new mintmastermark on its coins. 

A pity that she will leave as, certainly during the first few years, she was a good mintmaster. I had the pleasure of having contact with her several times and also met her once, several years ago, at the mint in Brussels. In recent years, I had the impression that her interest had decreased.


Although she retired on August 1, the mintmastermark of Ingrid van Herzele will be used on all Belgian coins this year, including the ones that have not yet been issued.


Royal Mint of Belgium employee Giovanni Van de Velde has been appointed as mintmaster. His mintmastermark will be an aster (referring to his son Aster) and an erlenmeyer, to note the importance of science in our society.


Below an image of the mintmastermark of Giovanni Van de Velde that will appear on the Belgian coins from 2023. I am pleased with this choice. Based on the contact I had with him over the years, I am certain that Mr Van de Velde is a hard worker with sufficient knowledge for the job.



Good thing you described, in reply #2, what is depicted here. ;)