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Khusro I Anushirvan, AR Drachm, Mint LD, RY 41

Started by shiblius, June 12, 2022, 03:27:21 PM

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Sasanian Empire: Khusro I Anushirvan (531-579 CE), AR Drachm, Mint: LD, Yr. 41 (572-73 CE), 4.12 gms, 28.1 - 31.1 mm
Obverse: King's Bust facing right, with empty crescents at 3, 6, and 9 o clock in the outer margin
Reverse: Fire altar flanked by two attendants, Mint LD (Ray in Media) on the right in Pahlavi and year 41 (YAChChHL, 572/73 CE)  in Pahlavi on the left


It's very little what i know about sasanian coinages, but wow, this one looks beautiful! Congrats for it ;)


Just noticed the "Anushirvan" in the title and only made the association with the Ilkhan ruler with this name. Had forgotten that he was named after the Sassanian emperor a mere 7 centuries later.
Nice specimen ! Thanks for showing.