Day of the Mint 2022 only digital again

Started by eurocoin, June 05, 2022, 06:33:58 AM

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The Royal Dutch Mint has informed me that it will this year again only hold a digital Day of the Mint on 18 June. It seems that only a Day of the Mint set will be released that day. I had already expected this as no information had been released on the event. The last physical Day of the Mint (open day of Royal Dutch Mint) was held back in 2018. Due to the mint's relocation and the pandemic, only digital editions were held since. I do not really understand why the event does not take place physically this year, and have doubts about whether the event will still ever take place physically in the future.


The email newsletter of the Royal Dutch Mint about the event, that was sent out today, did not contain an explanation as to why the event will not take place physically. I do not think that the event will still ever take place in physical form, which is a pity.

Update 18-06: In the new email newsletter that was sent out today, the Royal Dutch Mint did express the hope that a physical edition can be held in 2023.