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id help pls - coin # 86 - "Sri Vira"coinage - Solved

Started by Amit Kher, June 04, 2022, 04:08:11 PM

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Amit Kher

this coin came to me from a dealer as an unidentified coin; after searching, the closest i found was of Madurai -

kindly help in identification

Dimensions -
Diameter: 12.2 - 9.9 mm
Weight: 1.87 gms
Thickness: 3.27 mm

would be gratefull


It may be difficult to pimpoint this specific type, as only part of the design on the left is on flan.
However, from the right side it is clear that this is arepresentative of the very large series of Southern India "Sri Vira"coinage.
See here for a previous thread which show quite a lot of different types.

Amit Kher

thanks THCoins for the information, will follow it up & see if i can find more