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Ottoman altilik 1223/30

Started by riasatbd, June 02, 2022, 05:54:53 PM

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Respected members and collectors,
Please help me identifying the coin. The size and pictures are provided below.

Thanks in advance!


Turkey, Mahmud II, probably 3 piastres/ kurush, 1223 yr 28 [1835] (10th standard, .435 silver, years 26-32), KM 602.

There are jewellery copies of these. Your piece appears to be 30 mm in diameter, whilst my only one of these is 33 mm.

It would be better if you could crop your images and include them in your posts. There are several hints on this in,6846.0.html



Thank you Alan ! I was trying to attach the image inside the post but every time it was uploaded as an attachment. I will try to use any of those applications that you recommended and use it in future.



Alan- I have updated the post to display the images clearly. I hope that helps.


Thanks mkm, I had trouble reading the date.



Thanks to all, for the coin ID:
Dear riasatbd, your coin details:
Ottoman, Sultan Mahmud II, AR Uechlik (5 Kuruş, Piastres), Kostantiniyye (Qustantiniyah, modern-day İstanbul, Turkey) mint (AH 1223-1255/1808-1839 AD)
Reverse (First photo):
Regnal year above RY 32 AH 1255 (1839 AD)
Flowers within beaded circle:
ضرب  , Duriba
في قسطنطينيه, fi kostantiniye
۱۲۲۳ , 1223
Struck [during the] 32[nd year of the Sultan rule] at Constantinople. [Accession in] 1223 [AH].
Obverse (Third photo):
Tughra and 4 tulips
To the right Adli (The Just)

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".