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Canada: 150th anniversary of Confederation coin series

Started by <k>, May 28, 2022, 03:22:32 PM

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Nice. I've never met a coin designer, though I have corresponded with a few via email.
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


I met Jodie Clarke at the royal mint what an extremely talented and knowledgeable person
All coins are equal but some are more equal than others


I met me... and a load of other coin designers who designed the Olympic 50ps for the 2012 Olympics... I'm not sure coin designers are anything special... Though the one I was sitting next to, apparently, worked with Picasso.... so that was slightly more interesting...


I met Luc Luycx and Juan José Sánchez Castaño. Also had contact online with many other coin designers over the years.