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Alderney 2004-2005 Football Players series

Started by MCz, May 27, 2022, 01:16:28 PM

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I looked at the newest version of Krauze catalogue that I have (2019 edition) and I noticed that they listed a lot of coins from Silver 5 pounds Footbal Players series. This include:
- 2004: 2 coins (km94 Beckham, km#95 Owen)
- 2005: 10 coins (km99-108: Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard and seven other players without name indicated)
- 2006: 10 coins (km138-147: all ten are listed without names)

I doubt that all 22 coins were issued as the maximum that I saw in the market (Ebay but not only) is the 8 different coins. What is more, 4 coins were issued in 2004 (Beckham, D.James, J.Campbell, Nicky Butt) and 4 other in 2005 (S.Gerrard, F.Lampard, W. Rooney and M.Owen - the last one is dated 2005 and Krauze wrongli list it as 2004) so it's shure that Krauze info are not fully correct.
Do you have any information about the other coins from this series? At the moment ebay shows 2 auctions for sets of 8 coins. One of them is with some extra photos - I noticed the leaftlet of the collections with shows 10 names (8 that were issued and also Ashley Cole and John Terry) and seller wrote in description: "THIS IS THE FULL SET ONLY 8 PLAYERS WAS ISSUED BY THE ROYAL MINT BEFORE THE SET WAS STOPPED."

Any confirmation that only 8 coins were issued?
Do you know where I can find any older information about Alderney coins on Royal Mint website? I guess all old pages were removed/archieved and are no more accesible. Only information about English coins since 2016 is still on RM website.


Just to update the subject:

I contacted Royal Mint (they redirected me to RM Museum) which provided me the screen of the advertising leaflet from 2004 regarding this series. And this was planned for 23 coins in total, according the leaflet. However, the Royal Mint Museum was not able to identify any trace of the real issued coins, so they were not able to confirm how much coins of the full set were minted and sold.

In this case, I contacted again the seller who has the 8 coins from series in his offert and he finally answered me that he has no more the papers from the mint but collection was stopped in 2005 (due to some problems with players image copyrights) and only the already distributed eight coins were issued. With last sold coin, Royal Mint provided also the case for holidng these 8 coins (initially was planned bigger, luxory presentation case for full collection) and guaranted the full refund of the costs if buyer was not satified that collection stopped and returned coins.

So, to summarize: only 8 silver coins were issued (4 in 2004 and 4 in 2005). In addition, there were also at least 4 gold coins. All 12 coins (gold coins unfortunatelly without photos) are listed in Numista: