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ValiCash app authenticates banknotes

Started by chrisild, May 17, 2022, 08:26:43 PM

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Banknotes have become more secure, fewer transactions involve cash – but there may still be a need for "consumers" to authenticate banknotes. And surprise, there is an app for that. ;) The free ValiCash app will check your note and tell you whether it is OK or suspicious. Here is a press release in English, from mid-April.

The drawbacks: ValiCash is iOS only (14.3 or newer – no Android, no Harmony), and works with euro notes only. Unlike commercial projects, publicly funded ones can easily afford such limitations. But if your phone meets the requirements, you can try it out.


This app was developed by a German commercial company as a more or less useful but smile-inducing advertising gimmick. BTW, they seem to do good after-"sales" service, which is a useful commercial point to make. Another one they did is Smill, which basically creates a virtual copy of your banknotes, so you can use them in your designs, adverts, greeting cards and emails and what not. Great for those with a free time surplus.

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