Isle of Man: 2 pounds TT 2022

Started by eurocoin, May 10, 2022, 10:13:25 PM

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The Isle of Man will soon issue 2 commemorative 2 pound coins to celebrate the TT. One of the coins depicts the TT Grandstand, the other depicts a marshal waiving a flag as a rider passes by. The laurel wreaths that surround both designs refer to the ones typically used on the podium at the end of the races.

Isle of Man 2 pounds 2022 TT (1).jpg

Isle of Man 2 pounds 2022 TT (2).jpg


An unknown amount of both coins will be released into general circulation on the Isle of Man. The local government has also issued a crown coin to commemorate the TT. The latter coin was only minted for collectors and will not enter circulation. The 3 coins are available for sale in a presentation pack.