Directoire, 5 centimes An 5, Lille

Started by Figleaf, April 30, 2022, 08:58:40 PM

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Do you see the curls peeping out from under Marianne's bonnet? That's one reason I bought this coin: on these coins, they are usually worn off.

The other reason is that the coin is filling a hole in my timeline approach. It is my first coin of the period known as the directoire. The directorate was a committee fulfilling the role of head of state. It existed from An 4 to An 8. Its major accomplishment is a constitution that became a benchmark for later constitutions, also in other countries. Its greatest failure was its inability to maintain order and return to normalcy after Robespierre's terror. One insurrection followed another, so general Bonaparte could rise in importance and eventually grab power in a military coup.

Coins with the same design were produced before the directoire, but they are smaller and lighter, going from 23 mm and 5 grams to 28 mm and 10 grams. This is KM 640.11, Numista 886.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


France, 100 francs, 2000.  Gold.  Numista N# 302803

Image © Heritage Auctions.
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Yes, this directoire piece looks great, with all her curls there.

Guillaume Hermann

This numismatic portrait probably had one of the longest lives... Born in the 18th century and I used it when I was a teenager!,1-franc-republique,229.html