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Retrieving a heritage of knowledge

Started by Figleaf, April 17, 2022, 06:06:44 AM

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We made a heroic effort to save his work, but for the moment, we are stuck.

After Mal's death, andyg had a one-time contact with the family through Mal's email account. Other than that, we have no contact with the family. Even if we had, they may well have no idea of Mal's password(s). This is important, as there is no way to update or even know what he had online.

Mal's method of listing was idiosyncratic. We have asked some IT specialists if we could retrieve his many sites. The answer is that without the password(s), it cannot be done automatically. To do it manually has turned out to be a tedious job that nobody accepted to do, even when payment was offered.

As long as no intervention from the site owner is needed, what is on the net is all we have. Inevitably, it will be lost if there is any kind of software update that requires re-activation with password. Frustratingly, we (i.e. izotz) know how it can be done, but we need one or preferably more very patient volunteer(s) to do it.

We have no idea what is happening to Mal's vast documentation and collection.

There is a lesson there for those of us who are mortal.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


We had a very similar situation about 5 years ago when a dear friend of ours passed. He was heavily involved in local heritage and his knowledge was second to none. We were in the midst of putting together a book which he was also going to work on. We had talked numerous times about what he was going to do, but unfortunately most of his knowledge was never written down. He unfortunately passed away suddenly after a very short illness taking much of his 50+ years research and passion with him. Although my knowledge is quite good our area has lost a great deal of heritage with the passing of one extraordinary man.

I now write everything down, collate historical articles on any new information I find and also write on every photo and image what, when and who when ever possible. I have also started the same thing with my token and coin collections, adding as much detail as I can.

Mal is certainly a big loss to the hobby. I know I have used his Token and Machine Token web pages many times. If they were lost it would be a blow to many who use them as an invaluable reference.



Quote from: Figleaf on April 17, 2022, 06:06:44 AMWe have no idea what is happening to Mal's vast documentation and collection.

This morning, I suddenly received an email of Malcolm's sister. The email seems to have been sent to all of his past email contacts. His collection will be auctioned in the Noble Numismatics auctions of July and November 2022.


I also received the same email from his sister. If you go to Noble Numismatics website you can sign up for notifications. I've already done so.

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