Author Topic: Mahmud of Ghazni (AH384-421,997-1030AD), AR "Yamini" Dirhem (Type 1c), AH389-421  (Read 1428 times)

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Mass=3.0 g

Info at

Obverse Kufic La Ilaha Illa/Allah WahDahu/La Sharik Lahu (in three lines) [There is no god except Allah; He is Alone (Unique), there is no partner to Him]; 'Adl above, Yamini below

Reverse Kufic Muhammad Rasool Allah/Al-Qadir Billah/Yamin Al-Daulah (in three lines) [Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, Al-Qadir Billah (name of the Caliph), Yamin Al-Daulah (Mahmud's title, meaning "Right Hand of the Empire")]; Abu Al-Qasim above, Mahmud below

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Another stunner. A nice coin and your analysis literary makes the coin come alive.
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Adding Kufic to your tools? Great, Overlord. One day, you'll pen a better "Plant".

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