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Islamic token "haram"

Started by saro, March 19, 2022, 05:49:29 PM

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brass token 32mm diameter / plain edge
looks of recent manufacture. Who issued this token ? and for what purpose ?Haram token.jpg
"All I know is that I know nothing" (Socrates)


The hand receiving money reminds me of alms giving. Can you read the texts?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


"haram" means "forbidden / a ban"
I wonder if the hand receiving money is not rather related to a religious prohibition ?
I don't see the exact relation of this symbol with the sentences
Probably with some approximations, the text could give :

"There is no land that pleases his family, nor his name"
"Whoever is silent about killing, this is forbidden"
"And who would be content with death except for his gain?"
"And whoever facilitates the crime is the greatest ban"

Maythem will certainly give us the exact translation ;)
"All I know is that I know nothing" (Socrates)


Given the word "haram", I was wondering whether the image of the hand receiving money was warning of the dangers of usury rather than the benefits of charity. Lending money at interest is haram for most Muslims.


Dear Saro, your token details:
Left photo:
Center: Hand receiving money.
Top: من يسكت على القتل هذا حرام , "Whoever is silent about killing, this is forbidden".
Bottom:  ومن يمهد للجريمه اكبر حرام ,  "and whoever paves the way for the crime is the biggest ban".
Right photo:
Center: حرام  , "Haram" means "Forbidden / God forbid you"
Top:  ومن يرضى بموت الابرياء   , "and who agrees with the death of the innocent, ".
Bottom:   لا ارض ترضى عليه ولا سماء  , "Neither the earth nor the sky pardons him".

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".


Many thanks Maythem !
I'm glad to see that I wasn't too far from the right translation...
The link between these sentences and the central design is still mysterious for me  ???
"All I know is that I know nothing" (Socrates)