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Falkland Islands, 50 pence, 1990: Children's Fund.

Started by <k>, March 17, 2022, 02:19:58 PM

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Falkland Islands, 50 pence, 1990.  Children's Fund.  Girl herding sheep.

This is my favourite collector coin design of the Falkland Islands.

Designer John Savage kindly told me the story behind this wonderful design:

The girl on the horse is from a supplied reference. The likeness is exactly modelled to the reference.

Note the fleece on the horse's saddle.

I composed the background of the horizon and sea. I also composed the sheep.

There were more of them in number on the reference, but they would not "read" on the coin.

Note that they have a distinctive tuft on the top of their head. This is common to their species.

They seem similar to the Romney sheep - an introduced species? The dog was added to my liking.
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