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Monarch Automatic Co

Started by bhx7, March 15, 2022, 07:34:33 PM

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Hi All

So going through and cataloguing all the tokens I hadn't got around to and came across these two tokens. I inintially thought them to be the same, Monarch Automatic Co - Hayes:271.5. However, something when I was photographing them just seemed a little off about the Obverse. Both have the two dots below the "o" of "Co.",  but something about the two together just looked wrong. The legend seems to have been redone. The biggest tell is that on one of them the "PTON" is raised up of NORTHAMPTON. Would you class this as a new variety. I went on to Mal's excellent Machine Tokens page and noted his was the same. Here are the two tokens and a close up of the NORTHAMPTON section

Both tokens are 21.3mm in Diameter - 1.7mm in Thickness and Weigh 4.5g approx


The two pieces shown both fit the type Hayes-271.5 description. Hayes does not seem to ever list any varieties so slight as seen with the above two pieces. (I can see that the levels of the letter tops for the "M" and "P" are different and other things.) So you could call these two varieties of type Hayes-271.5. Perhaps not quite "new" as you do not know which variety/varieties Hayes saw for this type.

The differences will be from letters have been re-punched on the die. The peculiarities of the "N" at the start of "NORTHAMPTON" on the second token show would rather seem to be due to the letter having been re-punched.

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


 I can accept that. I will literally call them V1 & V2

Cheers Paul. Appreciate your reply. Can't lose the pre-decimal penny collecting habits they are ingrained   ;D



Thought I would add this here as it is the same company. I got this little guy yesterday in a bulk lot of coins and tokens. It is identical to Hayes: 271. but has a small star on reverse. Also it is Countermarked 749, which has no real bearing on the identification.

I have been through Hayes BMT and Supplement 5 as well as Mals Supplement X. I also went on to Mals Tokens, again no sign. Mals 271 is uniface as is stated in Hayes. So can assume it is uncatalogued, unless someone has a reference?

Material: Brass
Dia: 17.3mm
Thk: 1mm
Wt: 2g