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Tübingen: Ancient Jewish coins online

Started by chrisild, March 08, 2022, 03:54:52 PM

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The University of Tübingen (BW, DE) has just made a collection of about 400 ancient Jewish coins, from the 2c BC until the 2c AD (sorry for the date format ;) but you get the idea), available online. The images and descriptions can be found in the Digital Coin Cabinet (IKMK). The history of this collection is interesting especially for pastry and gateau lovers. Why?

Arthur Müller, born in Lenzkirch (Black Forest) in 1889, was a baker and pastry cook who worked in several places including ocean liners. In 1925 he moved to Palestine and started a collection of more than 1,100 coins, including these 394 ancient Jewish pieces. When WW2 began, he (being German) was arrested by the British administration and, in 1941, "transferred" to Australia. At the end of the war, Müller started working as a cook and pastry maker for the Australian parliament. In 1965 he returned to Germany where he died in 1967. His collection was acquired by a local bank (Sparkasse Hochschwarzwald) which in 2009 gave it, as a permanent loan, to the university's collection.

Here is Tübingen University's press release (in German):

And this is the link to the collection catalog. To view these Jewish coins, enter Müller als a search term:

(Can't type the word? Just copy & paste it. By the way, while parts of the university's website are available in English, this media release is, for the time being, in German only. So use a translation tool ... or just enjoy the catalog. ;) )