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Started by brandm24, March 07, 2022, 08:34:52 PM

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Unusual to say the least. The heart-shape is interesting and actually very appealing.

Though uncertain, it has tentatively been attributed to Silver City, Idaho, a 19th century mining town. Today it's mostly a ghost town with only a small number of standing structures appealing to the tourist trade. A search for  the business yielded nothing definitive but there was once a business called the Idaho Hotel. Perhaps there was a bar in it that issued this token.

Images courtesy of Celluloid (eBay).

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With that shape and the word "rock" on it, it would be a perfect guitar pick.

It's an interesting piece, thanks for showing!


The tentative connection to Silver City, ID is potentially strengthened by the following information.

In the US censuses I've found a certain Michael Rock:

1900: Residence Silver City, Owyhee, ID. Age 34, born September 1865 in Ireland; immigrated to the US 1885. Saloon keeper.

1910: Residence Silver City, Owyhee, ID. Age 48, born Ireland. Saloon keeper.

1920: Residence Murphy Precinct, Owyhee, ID. Age 56, born Ireland. Farmer.

He died on 6 January 1925 at Nampa, Canyon, ID. He married Sarah, also from Ireland, in 1898/99 and had two sons.

I can't find a reliable match for his birth, partly because he can't make his mind up how old he is, and partly because civil registration of births started only in 1864 in Ireland, and he may have been born earlier (if the age given in 1910 or 1920 is correct).

When did Silver City decline? I wonder if the move from being a saloon keeper to farmer was as a result of the saloon business fading away.


Thanks for the great detective work.

Silver City's mines started to decline around 1890 but continued seriously until 1912. The Idaho Hotel, built in 1863, added a saloon in 1871 and a second bar in 1874 (the "Back Bar") Both are too early to be connected to Michael Rock but the Idaho stayed in business for many years so Rock could have been the proprietor later. No mention of other bars in the city but I'm sure there were many. It was a mining town after all. ;D

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