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Creepy gnome with 1000 marks

Started by Pellinore, March 07, 2022, 05:59:04 PM

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Came across this, a proof for a German postcard wishing the receiver luck and riches. But somehow it is not very convincing. That gnome looks creepy, handing out fly agarics ("Fliegenpilze" in German) to you, from out of a torn 1000 mark banknote of 1903 - then quite a lot of money, 8000 euros of 2020 according to the Social History Calculator (in those days, a German mark was 0.60 Dutch guilders). I wouldn't trust it.

-- Paul


You are right, Pellinore. Fly agarics are (mildly) poisonous. Also, that calculation of the present value of the banknote likely did not take account of the reforms of the '20s and 1945, let alone inflation. The gnome looks pretty tame, even tasteful, compared to your average evil Dutch Laaf. ;)

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


In time past, people had odd ideas for Christmas greetings cards too,

Happy Christmas - have a dead Robin!
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


The one who had the idea of that gnome is a BOSS!! More than creepy, i find it kind of "WTF??"