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Procuratorial: Valerius Gratus (15-26 CE) Æ Prutah, RY 2 of Tiberius

Started by Quant.Geek, March 04, 2022, 12:13:52 PM

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Ancient Judaea, Procuratorial: Valerius Gratus (15-26 CE) Æ Prutah, Jerusalem, RY 2 of Tiberius (Hendin 1333a; TJC 317; RPC 4959)

Obv: IOY/ΛIA in two lines within wreath
Rev: Upright palm branch; across field, date (L B)

Plate Coin from Hendin

A gallery of my coins can been seen at FORVM Ancient Coins


Very beautiful coin. David Hendin's book is truly the best book out there for Biblical coins.


Another great coin struck in Jerusalem during Jesus lifetime. To have these coins in your hands have to be such a great feeling.