Procuratorial: Coponius (6-9 CE) Æ Prutah, RY 36 of Augustus (Hendin 1328)

Started by Quant.Geek, March 04, 2022, 12:12:16 PM

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Ancient Judaea, Procuratorial: Coponius (6-9 CE) Æ Prutah, Jerusalem, RY 36 of Augustus (Hendin 1328; TJC 311; RPC 4954)

Obv: KAICA-POC; grain ear
Rev: Palm tree; across field, date (L Λς)

A gallery of my coins can been seen at FORVM Ancient Coins



What can i say, that i haven't say yet? Very good looking, those palm tree and the grain ear. Not to mention that beautiful patina. I wonder how many of these coins were in the hands of Jesus' fellows.