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1889 Victoria Rupee.. Is it an unlisted variety in Pridmore?

Started by Adv. Girish bhambhani, February 06, 2022, 02:00:48 PM

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Adv. Girish bhambhani

I guess this is A / I "B" Incuse variety?
Is this variety of 1889 one rupee coin unlisted in Pridmore?
Is this a rare variety?
Kindly advice.

Muhammad Asif

1889 One rupee are normally identified with a Type C obverse - but that do look like a Type A obverse. British India Victoria Coinage is thought to have more than 72 varieties & some are still unlisted . Not much pointers out their to authenticate it - weight & size might help - but wishful thinking it might be a unlisted variety.

Adv. Girish bhambhani

Weight: 11.50 gms approx
Diameter: 30.45 mm approx
Hope this helps!

Adv. Girish bhambhani


Mister T

Looks like A1/I or A3/I using Stevens and Weir notation.
It's not documented in their book (which as far as I know is the most up to date reference book), and it seems like the different obverse As get intermittent rare usage between 1888 and 1900.

Adv. Girish bhambhani

Thank you.
I came across another similar coin on Todywalla auctions.. please check LOT NO. 497 Auction #104  23-Sep-2016 Mumbai