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World Money Fair 2022, what a mess!

Started by eurocoin, January 29, 2022, 10:22:46 AM

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In December of last year there was announced that the World Money Fair would again take place digitally, and that exhibitors who were planning to attend would be offered opportunities to reach the audience as part of the digital event. According to the Royal Dutch Mint, which partially owns the World Money Fair organization, the digital fair takes place since yesterday. However, on the website of the World Money Fair only information of last year can be found. It seems that the Digital Fair 2022 was a total failure and they didn't do anything.


Just received an email of the World Money Fair organisation. The Digital Fair will take place on 24 and 25 February. There will be a Media Forum and a Technical Forum. The program of the Media Forum is still unknown. The program of the Technical Forum can be found here.

It seems that Royal Dutch Mint, co-owner of the organisation, somehow was not aware that the digital fair, which replaces the physical fair, did not take place on the same dates as on which the physical fair was planned. The latter is not strange as the communication of the World Money Fair organisation is a failure. Because of the confusion, the Dutch and Belgian World Money Fair sets have already been issued.