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Coin prices

Started by Angus, January 24, 2022, 12:28:27 AM

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I've been comparing the 2021 Leuchtturm catalogue prices with the 2022 catalogue.  Usually most prices stay about the same with a few going up. This year, a large number of BU sets have gone down by about 20%.

Some coins have shot up, though: the pink 2017 €2 French coin was €45 last year and is now €500; the coloured 2017 €2 Portuguese coin was €55 last year and is €700 this year. The most expensive coin is now the 2015 Monaco €2 at €5200.


Quite a few EU based dealers (so mostly dealing with euro coins) have brought down their inventories, also noticed that many eBay based sellers have closed their online shops citing insufficient demand.

Post break, I did see significant uptick in prices of coins you mentioned, but otherwise the (online) market seems dull...

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