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1943 Half Rupee India. Need Help Identifying!

Started by amnight, January 21, 2022, 12:25:59 PM

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Hello! I would like some help in identifying this coin. I have seen that there are possibly three types of heads for the obverse, and some details on the reverse regarding the three dots below/in the "3" of the date and would like more information. Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!

Mister T

1943 is obverse C only and this appears to be a Bombay-struck coin it can only be reverse IV.
On your example the three dots are below the three - the book says the top dot can be in the middle of the bottom line of the 3 but it's ambiguous as to whether this can only occur on Lahore-struck coins or if it's more common on Lahore-struck coins.