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ECB to choose new designs for the euro banknotes by 2024

Started by eurocoin, December 06, 2021, 01:52:04 PM

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Quote from: eurocoin on March 02, 2022, 03:27:31 PM
The European identity is a fiction.

Well, not everybody in the EU has attitudes like that, but I agree that it would be extremely difficult to come up with "people" designs that make all member states happy. Somebody will always feel left out. Buildings may work a little better, but I actually like the idea of having bridges (and to a lesser extent arches) that somehow represent Europe without waving their national flags. So as far as I am concerned, we will at some point need updated euro notes again, but the design "basics" can continue to be the same. Sure, flowers or abstract patterns would also work. Hmm, on one of the two sides maybe ...


Quote from: eurocoin on March 02, 2022, 03:27:31 PM
There is no chance that it is going to be anything other than portraits. She has mentioned portraits so many times that everyone knows what they have to do.

It's still a terrible idea for the Euro banknotes. But I think you are right.


Don't really see a "push" towards portraits here. ;)  By the way, since some of the themes are quite abstract, this page provides examples (not visual but text descriptions) of what might be depicted. I am not fond of "hands" by the way.  8)


May be I'm too optimistic, but why can't the new banknotes be of polymer?

It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. -J. K. Rowling.


Let us not overlook the symbolism of bridges, windows and gates!
We are talking of banknotes for the European Union here. The most amazing initiative in history.
Be aware of that.
Thoughts as: I would rather like to see a nice banknote with a head on it, or I want to see my country on the new banknotes, are completely missing the spirit.
The actual EU banknotes are very sensible and let us hope the next series will be as well.
The EU banknotes should spread the EU message, not just be nice collectibles.
Personally I am a proud and convinced European.


Quote from: Bimat on July 11, 2023, 08:28:47 AMMay be I'm too optimistic, but why can't the new banknotes be of polymer?

Would that make sense? Not too sure why. The current euro "paper" generation has that lacquer layer which seems to work fine. Then again, between now (collection of opinions regarding the themes) and then (some stage shortly before the actual production) a lot can happen ...


Quote from: JMP on July 11, 2023, 10:03:13 AMLet us not overlook the symbolism of bridges, windows and gates!

Yes, I like that "message", and the current designs, too. And I guess we have learned by now that a bridge or an arch depicted on a euro note is not located in any specific city but simply says these are architectural elements that can be found across Europe.

Nevertheless there is nothing wrong with introducing a new theme in a couple of years. I just completed the survey (side note: At least in the German version, they say you are supposed to accept the data protection guidelines. Would be great of they provided a link to said guidelines ...) and was not really happy about the structure of the questions: They present all the themes, and give examples of what might be depicted, fine.

But even when you specify other reasons for a vote, there is no way of adding a comment. Maybe something like that is too complex (evaluating comments in a bunch of different languages ;) ), but here and there it might have been helpful to "say" why my position is lukewarm or negative.


A link to the "survey you have completed" in the version you saw, would have been very informative here, Chrisild. We 'd see for ourselves in what way "the structure of the questions" is unsatisfactory and have a perfect idea of what you mean.
Let me speak for myself (and not as "we", I mean): I feel a bit left in the mist here.


The link to the survey is in redlock's post (reply #17). Or try it directly here:

You need to solve a complex mathematical puzzle first ;D but then you can start. The survey is available, I think, in all official languages used in the euro area.


Thank you very much "chrisild" and sorry, I should have kept my eyes open while running through the messages here.
Meanwhile, yes, I solved the mathematical chalenge  ;) and answered all the questions.
I think it is a bit what I expected. I can agree with most of the proposals, but birds or professions I find less suitable.
I appreciated your calm answer to my undeserved message  :) !


Nobody seems to have noticed that there are no rivers in Denmark, let alone rivers that cross the Danish border.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


@JMP: Thanks for participating in the survey. Most people here are friendly, hmm, most of the time. ;) Yes, posting the direct link at an earlier stage might have been useful, but heck, it worked ...

@Figleaf: What??å  ;D  Now Denmark should not be all that relevant in this particular context, as the country deliberately decided (opt-out) to not be in the euro area. But I think you are right in the sense that rivers do not play the relatively big role there that they have in France, Germany, etc.  I just attended an evening with Mathijs Deen in Cologne where, as part of the Literaire Zomer, he read from and talked about his new Rhine book. Rivers connect (rather than divide) these days, they "bring" water and can be used for (international) transportation. The latter may not be the case in every euro country, but the message would be understood by most in the currency union.

Then again, if we start depicting actual rivers on the notes, we may end up with the old debate about this or that member state being "preferred" or "left out". ::) We should also keep in mind that there will a parallel opinion poll done by "an independent research company" that asks "a representative sample of people in the euro area the same questions as those in its own survey." So the online vote will be just one factor here.


Pfff. Facts. Who cares? Now MY information comes from a Dane, a former colleague. I'll be happy to inform him of your information that's just based on facts, without even speaking Danish. ;D

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


The ECB has chosen the themes rivers, birds and culture for the new designs of the euro banknotes.