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Gibraltar: Christmas 50p and 2 pounds 2021

Started by eurocoin, December 03, 2021, 10:10:34 AM

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Gibraltar will soon issue 2 commemorative coins for Christmas. The 50p coin will depict two barbary macaques sitting in front of a Christmas tree, surrounded by presents. The 2 pound coin will depict a barbary macaque sitting at the top of the rock, wearing a Santa's hat and holding a Christmas cracker. There will also be a coloured version of both coins.


Images of the minted coins. The coins will be released on December 12. They will amongst other things be available from the webshop of the Gibraltar National Mint. The uncoloured coins will have an unlimited mintage. The coloured coins have an edition limit of 2,000 pieces.


These are laughably terrible! I won't buy these for face value. Seriously wtf?!
But thank you Eurocoin for the info.


I think we need an all-embracing category - Gibraltar Junk - where such editions like these can be posted. It would quickly become well-populated!


The coloured 2 pound coin is now available from Gibraltar Stamps and Coins.

Update: Sold out!


Quote from: eurocoin on December 16, 2021, 05:36:23 PM
The coloured 2 pound coin is now available from Gibraltar Stamps and Coins.
It looks that already sold out... It's a pity but to be honest, base versions look much better.