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John Hyrcanus I

Started by ghipszky, November 23, 2021, 04:05:38 AM

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John Hyrcanus I, 135-104 B.C.E.
11mm and 1.1gr
Double Cornucopiaae, pommegranite in center

Son of Simon Maccabee, nephew of Judah Maccabee
script read Yehohanan
I think this is from the Jerusalem mint????  I love this elegant little coin.
Any help to confirm mint and the coins attribution would be great.
Thank you,



Yes, these double cornucopia and pomegranate Hasmonean AE prutah coins are generally believed to have been struck in Jerusalem.

However, they are not limited to one ruler.  The one way to identify the ruler is to be able to read the paleo-Hebrew text within the wreath on the obverse side. however this does not seem possible on yours.

The type was struck by:

John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan) - common
Judah Aristobulus I (Yehudah) - scarce
Alexander Jannaeus (Yehonatan/Yonatan) - common
Mattatayah Antigonus - rare

This is from David Hendin's "Guide to Biblical Coins, fifth edition".  His sixth edition is just out or just coming out though I doubt the details of this now well documented type will change much.



Thanks SC,
I have one of his guides here, the 4th edition. I will try to find it. I wish you could read the letters better.


I found my David Hendin book and I will attempt to look at this coin under the microscope, maybe that will help see any letters that might be there. Ok had a look and you can see in line 3 an upside down Y, and a straight up and down line. So I put it in the Hendin 455.