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Irish International Coin Fair, Dublin. Sat and Sun 23, 24 April 2022

Started by Elak, November 10, 2021, 09:43:53 PM

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After covid forced cancellations previously, the organisers of the annual Irish International Coin Fair have announced that the fair will recommence this year at the RDS, Dublin in its usual slot of 19, 20 February 2022.

This is subject to no new covid restrictions being imposed. Any changes to this notice will be immediately posted here and on the Irishpapermoney website.


Thank you, Elak. COVID-19 may be in hand, but climate change still threatens, hence flight-shaming is looming ever larger and it is a bit of a long swim :-\

For the record, normal temps in Dublin by the end of February are 8 - 9° C, so you are forced to pop into local pubs and have a whiskey by the open fire. There is no lack of pubs in Dublin and patrons are largely welcoming and open. :) Chances of sun, snow and even rain are low.

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Assuming the pubs are allowed to be open!!
Looking ok currently.


Would love to go, Elak, but it's a bit too far and expensive for me. The local pubs are an attraction but since I won't be there a neighborhood pub here will have to do. :)

If you attend, maybe you could fill us in some of the details of the show.

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The date for thisi fair has been changed because of covid rules.
The fair will now take place on Sat and Sun 23, 24 April, at the RDS, Dublin.


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