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Started by brandm24, November 05, 2021, 07:39:37 PM

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This is an interesting token advertising the premier of the Erich Von Stroheim movie "Greed" at Philadelphia's Stanton Theatre on February 16, 1925. Since there's no stated value it's, apparently, an advertising piece.

The Stanton first opened in 1914 under the name Stanley Theatre...named after the owner. It featured silent films and added an orchestra in 1915 to add music to their presentations. The property was renamed the Stanton in 1921 for no apparent reason other than the new name was very close in spelling to the old name Stanley. Their sign could be more easily and inexpensively modified to reflect the new name.

The Stanton featured mostly B-pictures, low budget westerns and other second tier productions while newer adjacent theaters built in the immediate area were reserved for the more appealing fare of the day. One exception was the showing of Von Stroheim's production of Greed. Greed, after a difficult and contentious production would in time become one of the "finest and most important films ever made" according to some film historians.

Von Stroheim, an Austrian-American director, producer, and actor was difficult and demanding and considered by many as a man you'd love to hate. See a thorough history of his life and work here.

The Stanton meanwhile survived until it's closing in May, 1980. The image attached is from 1955 the year that Walt Disney released his documentary The African Lions.

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