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Mint Akbar square mohur

Started by Joan, October 21, 2021, 07:59:03 PM

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I'm trying to work out this mohur. I've been able to read the date, AH987, but I can't descifer the mint. I think it might be partly out of flan, yet I doubt whether it might be Fathpur. Can anyone help me?
Weight is 12 gr. I've read posts about Akbar temple mohurs. Hope this isn't the case. What do you think of?
Thanks for yur help


At first I thought it was Ahmedabad but comparing it with this one, I think it is not Ahmedabad.

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Is this a gold mohur or a silver rupee? The color in the photo makes it hard to less obvious. I also think Fathpur, but given that only the top part of the mint is visible, would always be doubtful about attribution as well.
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Thanks so much both @asm and @cmerc
Yes it's a mohur not a rupee. Anything wrong with the coin inscriptions which may be give doubt? Colour shall be light photo conditions (I mainly focused on details), but on hand matches gold