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Safavid / 2 shahi of Shah Isma'il II
« on: September 30, 2021, 10:52:07 PM »

For your review, identification, and to read the script on this coin...  It looks similar, in style to Safavid, 1 Bisti coin that I own...  it was attributed/identified here on the forum - here's the link:,50691.msg319514.html#msg319514

This coin, however, needs to be read - there is nothing even close on Zeno...  it is Silver  ||  4.6g  ||  23-25mm

I also think it is possibly Safavid, b/c the seller stated that the lot of 7 coins is Safavid... =))  well, all other coins were: Ottoman, Seljuq of Rum, Mamluk, and Nasrid Kingdom - I was able to find them on Zeno... therefore, this one -

remaining in the lot should be a Safavid coin...  :))  It was a "dealer's lot"...  anyhow, I would like your expertise in reading it and also need to attribute it:  i.e.  Denomination, Ruler, Mint, Date, etc...

Thank you in advance and have a good day...!!!

P.S.  I also checked on Numista - no match on there, either... 
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Re: An interesting coin - Safavid?!!?
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2021, 09:12:36 AM »
It's well a Safavid coin: a 2 shahi of Shah Isma'il II (son of Shah Tahmasp I)
(similar coins are listed on Zeno)
20 years in prison and 6 months reign ...bibliography of this ruler here
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Re: An interesting coin - Safavid?!!?
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2021, 11:44:47 AM »
Thank you Saro for the coin ID:
Dear mti, your coin in details:
Safavids, Shah Isma’il II son of Shah Tahmasp I, AH 985/6, Silver 2 Shahi, mint? (AH 985-986/ 1576-1577 AD)
First photo: reads in Farsi/Arabic:
" السلطان العادل ابو المظفر شاه اسماعیل طهماسب شاه الصفوی خلد اللّه ملکه ", Al-Sultan Al-‘Adil Abu’l-muzaffar Shah Isma’il Tahmasp Shah Al-Safavi Khallada Allah Mulkahu, meaning, “The just Sultan, Father of Victory, Shah Isma‘il, Tahmasp Shah Al-Safavi, may God perpetuate his Kingdom”.
Second photo: reads in Farsi:
ز مشرق تا بمغرب گر امام است‏ \ علی و آل او ما را تمام است  , (From the east to the west, Imam is Ali and his family are all over us).
Shah Isma’il Mirza (اسماعیل میرزا‎) later known by his first dynastic name of Isma’il II
(شاه اسماعیل دوم) was the third Safavid Shah of Iran, ruling from 1576 to 1577.
Shah Isma'il II minted coins in the cities:
Dar al-Ibadah Yazd,
Dar al-Saltanat Isfahan, and
Dar al-Muwahhidin Qazvin

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