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Fürth: Kornjude 'Pricelist' jeton, 1772, by Johann Christian Reich

Started by radars_teddy, September 28, 2021, 04:29:29 PM

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Jewish grain peddler facing left with Devil on sack, to open jaws of allegator; legend around: "Korn Iude Ver Zwei Fel. U: Geh Zum" ['The Corn Jew Branches out and Goes Forth'] + "Dantes" between legs; in exergue: "Theure Zeit 1772" ['Expensive Times 1772'].


Those medals were mostly made in the 18th century (late 17c–mid 19c) and referred to Jewish crop dealers who, in the view of others, speculated with (agricultural) commodities and thus profited from famines. The old idea of a convenient scapegoat ... The text on the first piece is "KORN IUDE VERZWEIFEL U. GEH ZUM", i.e. Corn Jew (or Crop Jew), despair and go to -- the last word is missing, but a devil is depicted, so it will probably mean "Geh zum Teufel" = "go to the devil" or go to hell.



Anti-semitism is an old tradition. It is not much different from being anti-moslim or anti-christian. Or anti-catholic or anti-protestant or anti-sunni or anti-shiite or anti-white or anti-black and so forth ad nauseam. A product of intolerance on one side and inflexibility on the other side, all depending on who has the local majority and who is either the largest minority or the most convenient scapegoat.

You can judge previous generations by today's standards and achieve nothing except perhaps a repetition of history or you can build on acquired insights and promote a sense of shared humanity. The choice is yours, the judgement is to your children.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.