Federjudenmedaille "Feather Jew" oval medal (ND), circa. 1650;

Started by radars_teddy, September 28, 2021, 04:22:43 PM

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Germany: Federjudenmedaille "Feather Jew" oval medal (ND), circa. 1650; struck in silver; by Christian Wermuth or Johann Reteke; size: 42 x 46mm; weight: 27.45g. Obv.: hunched Jew facing left w/ feathered cap holding bag w/ Latin legend "vitia aliena" ['alien way of life'] and moneybag on back with Latin legend "vitia propria" ['his own faults']. Rev.: winged Cupid on lion holding a bridle in left hand; Latin leg. below "Amor Vincit Omnia" ['Love conquers all']. Beeded edges. In VF, w/ surface scratches on both sides; tallion loop possibly removed from top; Kirsch-13; JM-11/12 & 112; Brett-4765/ plate 23; Feill-4469.
Deutschland: Federjudenmedaille "Federjude" ovale Medaille (ND), ca. 1650;