Identification Please - possible Cambay coin

Started by amit79, August 23, 2021, 09:20:59 AM

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I recently came across these 'coins' in a large lot (several kilos!) of copper coins of Princely States of Gujarat. These are smooth pieces of copper, with letters 'A' and 'B' embossed on one side. Other side is almost entirely smooth, with a worn out pattern visible on one piece. Weights are 11.2 grams (Left) and 9.7 grams (Right). Pictured with a 1/12 anna for comparison.

I have a feeling these could be coins of the Princely State of Cambay, described here:

The Cambay State came to mind because:
1. The lot was entirely of coins of Gujarat based princely states - I could see coins of Junagadh and Kutch
2. The countermarks described in the Numista page, mentioning english letters on these 'coins'.

Any information, clarity on these would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


There is no evidence - either Historical or Numismatic to link them to Khambayat or Cambay. These are classified as Cambay area KP's by some experts (I prefer not to name them). This is based on find areas (as I was told) but the find spots that I have heard of are all eastern Gujarat areas bordering Madhya Pradesh. The coins of Khambayat have a clearly defined 'Sha' / 'Shah' counter stamp.

These may probably be Maratha marks for payment to the armies, which were always on the move or used for payments to farmers when there was a sudden demand for small money when the cotton crops were to be harvested.

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Some of these have been attributed to pindharis specially the ones from gujarat and Madhya Pradesh border


Thank you asm and abhinumis for your inputs. Much appreciated.