Suri dynasty , Sher Shah Suri (1538 - 45 AD) , 1/2 Paisa ,G&G D895 , Kalpi mint , Rare

Started by sarwar khan, August 21, 2021, 08:31:24 AM

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Sher Shah Suri, originally named Farid, was the grandson of an Afghan noble who had come to India to serve Bahlul Shah Lodi. Farid acquired the name Sher Shah from supposedly having once killed a tiger with his bare hands. Whether or not this is true, what is clear is that Sher Shah was one of the greatest Muslim rulers of India. He served in the Lodi military, ending up in Bihar and eventually gaining a position of power there. When the Mughals defeated the Lodis, the sultanate started to fragment, and Sher Shah took the opportunity to consolidate his power and even to extend it east into Bengal and west into what is now Uttar Pradesh. One key victory was his conquest of the fort at Chunar, where he gained much treasure to finance his future activities. Eventually, he marched on Humayun, defeated him at Chausa, then again at Kanauj, and eventually pursued him to Lahore and into Sind. Humayun eventually fled to Iran and sought refuge with the Safavid emperor Shah Tahmasp. Sher Shah had reestablished the Delhi Sultanate.

In his short reign of 7 years (1538-45), Sher Shah transformed northern India. He built four major roads criss-crossing his empire and provided them with fruit trees all along, with rest stops and wells at periodic intervals. He also minted substantial amount of coin, introducing the 11 gm silver rupee to replace the 10 gm billon tanka, and also providing a copious copper coinage based on the paisa. The provision of roads and coin combined to facilitate trade and the economy must have boomed. The monetary reforms persisted after the Suri reign ended; even today India's currency is the rupee and paisa.

Sher Shah Suri died in an unfortunate accident when a rocket his own forces had fired rebounded onto a pile of ammunition near where he was situated. He was mortally wounded in the blast. He was succeeded by his son Jalal Khan, known as Islam Shah. Jalal tried to hold his father's empire together, but the usual factionalism broke out in his time and completely fractured the state once he died. With no powerful leader at the helm, northern India became ripe for Humayun's return and the reestablishment of the Mughal empire.

Details about the coin :-
Sultan :- Sher shah suri (1538 -45 AD)
Denomination :-Half Paisa
Ref :- G&G D895
Rarity - Rare !
Minted at Kalpi
Issue year :- 954AH / AD 1547
Obv :- Khallada allah mulkahu darb kalpi 954 with Stephen Cross !!
Rev :- Al sultan al adl abu al muzaffar sher shah sultan .
Full mint & Date  visible on coin !!

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Very nice achievement both in the write-up and overlay ! I first wondered how you could be certain on the date, but by luck you have the last number of the date on flan, and it must be the 950s AH.

History seems to look back quite kindly on Sher Shah. I may be a bit cynical, but one wonders if that was not partly caused by his early death. He did not get the time to rule longer and step into the many traps other rulers stepped in ?
I remember recently reading an article making a comparison of Sher Shah and Narendra Modi here. Without going ito the political details, I found it interesting how the recent political situation was viewed from a historic viewpoint.