Solved: Silver half rupee from Datia C#26

Started by Seeker55, August 19, 2021, 03:24:19 PM

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Hi Guys,

weight 5.50 g
diameter 15.0 mm

This coin came to me labeled as a silver half rupee from Partabgarh (also spelled Pratapgarh). However, I don't see a match to either side in the coins listed for that state in Krause or Zeno. One side has a three with a six below it in a perpendicular direction, and I'm wondering if this is part of a frozen date of 1236 seen on many Partabgarh coins. However, all the ones I saw had the date in a straight line as usual. Also, the curlique pattern on the other side doesn't match anything I've seen. So I'm wondering if it's from some other state, or an odd variety from Partabgarh. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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Thank you for the comment, Amit. I looked through silver coins from Orchha in Krause and Zeno without finding anything similar, so that leaves it as possibly Pratapgarh, but without a match found.


It's 1/2 Rupee (Raja Shahi series) from Datia. KM#C26

Here is image of Rupee coin of this series (KM#C27) for comparison

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Excellent attribution, Parimal! It also matches the photo of the half rupee in Krause. Thank you so much.