Solved: 1/3 falus of Burhan II of Ahmadnagar Sultanate / Daulatabad mint

Started by Seeker55, July 29, 2021, 03:55:35 PM

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Hi Guys,

weight 4.49 g
diameter 16.8 mm

This copper has similarities to some coins of Humayun and of the Nizam Shahs. However, it doesn't appear to match anything I can find in Zeno or GG. Will certainly appreciate any thoughts.


It is to confirm but It seems to me that this coin could be  1/3 falus of Burhan Nizam Shah II of Ahmadnagar Sultanate / Daulatabad mint
listed by G&G as "R",  ref N57 (no picture) / same type that the 1 falus N54 , however showing  a different part of the die.
("fi shuhur + small part of Daulatabad" are legible on the 1st picture)
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Yes, I think you're right, and will record that attribution. Many thanks, Saro!