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4 More Akbar dams - details requested

Started by Seeker55, July 24, 2021, 09:13:53 PM

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Hi Guys,
The response to my previous request was so outstanding that I'm inspired to put up four more. Again, these are labeled as Akbar dams, one has a date, but that's all I know. I could use any more info about the mints, KM numbers, and writing. The second coin (#6) and the last one (#8) look somewhat different from the others, so I'm wondering if they are from Akbar at all. I'm not 100% sure on all the orientations.

Coin #5
Weight 20.2 g, diameter 21.5 mm, showing date AH 987

Coin #6
Weight 20.5 g, diameter 21.5 mm

Coin #7
Weight 20.3 g, diameter 20 mm

Coin #8
Weight 20.2 g, diameter 19.5 mm


Please post all coins individually.

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5. Dehli. Second picture is upside down. This is a interesting specimen where the legend is enclosed in a mirhabi border. KM# 28.16
6. Sher Shah Suri paisa. Cannot find the mint.
7. Urdu zafar Qarin mint. KM# 34.01
8. Very crude so I will assume Narnol 28.41


Thank you again, Saikat. Very impressive.

OK, I will post coins individually in future.