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Euro Coin Albums by year/country/mint

Started by Jonathan Ouellet, July 22, 2021, 05:07:46 AM

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Jonathan Ouellet

Recently moved to Europe so I am making more of an effort to collect the circulating euros.

What do other people do to display their euro coins? I am debating what the best way is to cover a country like Germany that not only has multiple years, but also multiple mints.

Or the Netherlands with multiple monarchs.


Pre-printed albums were sold around 20 years ago in the Netherlands. Not sure if they are still around. However, a pre-printed album is a dictate on what you should collect. Generic albums  (4-rings, Sligro) with place for 20 coins in a 2.5 x 2.5 holder on a page (coin dealers, like Mevius) avoid that issue, but require a bit more work. If this is the way you want to go, buy a package of sleeves (HEMA), fill the with a thin piece of carton (back of a note pad) and use them for separators. Add pictures, flags, arms as you see fit. The albums have three bags on the outside for further pictures etc.

The sleeves also work well for long series of commemorative 2 euro pieces you can describe on a sheet of paper on the opposite side. You can use Excel to print dividers on such pages and add text if you wish.

A more expensive solution is coin trays. Their main disadvantage is that tickets and coins are easily separated. Also, tickets are tiny and the most rational way of storage is by denomination, not by country.

Take into account that the material above will be in A4 size. You will have to order this stuff by mail once you are back in Canada. Buying too much while you are in Leiden is cheaper. Make sure you store the albums in a dry place (humidity below 70%) or use "vochtvreters".

Also, look who is posting a lot in the euro boards on WoC. Send them a PM proposing trades when you are ready.

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