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sogdian group for ID

Started by carpatic, September 18, 2021, 05:33:40 PM

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Hi. I have acquired these 4 from Ferghana Valley, in Kyrgyzstan.
For the largest one (25mm, 2.95g), I have found a reference that might be a match:
Turgesh's Khaganate, Semirechie, 8-9 cent AD, Kamyshev #24

For the smaller ones (21mm, 1.88g respectively 1.51g), I have found similar ones listed as "Sogdian coins", but I could not get into more specifics

The smallest one (10mm, 0.52g) is puzzling, I could find no reference at all to such a type.

Could you give me more clues or point me out where I could find matches?


Coin in NW corner is picured in "100 coins from the collection of the National Bank of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, 1997), page 59. The description is:

Türgesh Khakan (8th century AD)
Obv: Fringed square hole in the center with Sogdian writing
Rev: Bow without string

BTW, AFAIK Ferghana is a province of Uzbekistan. Semirechye is a wider area, based on the Khokand khanate. More on the Türgesh here

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Thanks Peter
I have found some information here
Trying to narrow them down. Especially the smallest one, for which I could not find any kind of reference, or similarity, at all.

BTW, the Ferghana Valley does extend to Kyrgyzstan, besides being the name of the Uzbek province. There are several important historical medieval cities in Kyrgyzstan's Ferghana, which were also minting coins: Osh, Uzgen...

I am still investigating, if I get some more results I will post them here, and of course I appreciate the help of the forum members


I might have found the small one.
The Smirnova book on Sogdian coin is a great reference, although in Russian, which I don't know, but I can determine it by size, weight, picture. Can be freely downloaded from here
The small one should be Smirnova #1650 to #1658 ( hard to say which without pics - maybe #1652)