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Solved; Mamluk 746 ah

Started by derek, July 06, 2021, 04:23:23 PM

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Islamic Ae 18 mm  came with some byzantine coins   is that a year 415?


Dear derek, your coin:
Mamluk (Bahri), al-Salih Imad al-Din Isma'il, 746 AH, AE Fals, Hamah mint (AH743–746/1342–1345 AD)
First photo: double linear square:
Inside square:
ضرب   , Struck
بحماه  , in Hamah
In the segments, counter-clockwise marginal legend:
Top: سبعماية  , saba'mia 700
Right:  اربعين , arba'in 40
Bottom: سته , sitta 6
Left:  سنة  , sannah (year)
Date is 746 AH
Second photo: Border missing:
اسمعيل  , Isma'il  (not visible)
الملك  , al-Malik
الصالح  , al-Salih
al-Salih Isma'il (الملك الصالح عماد الدين إسماعيل بن الملك الناصر محمد بن قلاوون), was the Bahri Mamluk sultan of Egypt between June 1342 and August 1345. He was the fourth son of al-Nasir Muhammad to succeed the latter as sultan. His reign saw a level of political stability return to the sultanate. Under his orders or those close to him, his two predecessors and brothers, al-Ashraf Kujuk and al-Nasir Ahmad, were killed. He was succeeded by another brother, al-Kamil Sha'ban.

Coin collecting has a curious name. It is also called the "Hobby of Kings".


Dear Maythem,

Thank you very much ! that is great information! I did not expect it to be Mamluk Egyptian !

regards Derek