The only crown-sized collector pound coin of the crown dependencies

Started by <k>, June 26, 2021, 02:22:14 AM

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Guernsey 1 pound 2002.jpg

Guernsey, 1 pound, 2002.

Historically, in the UK, a crown was a coin with a denomination equivalent to 5 shillings. It had a diameter of 38.61 mm. In the 20th century the crown was usually only issued as a collector coin. After decimalisation, the crown had a denomination equivalent to 25 pence. In the UK, the last crown in this traditional sense was issued in in 1981 to commemorate the wedding of Charles and Diana.

From 1990, crown-sized 5 pound collector coins were issued in the UK. Some people call these crowns because of their size, but that is incorrect.

Curiously, Guernsey issued this crown-sized collector one pound coin in 2002. It depicts William the Conqueror. Does anybody know who designed this coin portrait? No other crown dependency has issued a crown-sized 1 pound coin. How many collectors are attracted to such large coins these days, anyway?
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