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Started by sarwar khan, June 23, 2021, 02:53:10 PM

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sarwar khan

The story is about 200 years old from today.  At that time, Gadhakota (Sagar district) was ruled by the mighty, courageous and skilled Raja Mardan Singh.  Under an old agreement, the Maratha rulers of Sagar used to collect Chauth (Tax) from Gadhakota.  Mardan Singh refused to give Chauth to the the Maratha ruler Raghunath Rao, considered it an insult and attacked Gadhakota but his army was defeated by Mardan Singh's general Zalim Singh.  Then Raghunath Rao sought help from the Bhonsle ruler of Nagpur.  Within a few days, Bhonsle's army under the leadership of Senapati Ali Bahadur, together with Raghunath Rao, surrounded the fort of Garhakota and stopped the logistics inside the fort.

Mardan Singh's army gave a tough fight to these people, due to which the war continued for six months.  Meanwhile, Mardan Singh died in 1810.  His son Arjun Singh took command and sought help from the Scindia ruler of Gwalior.  Scindia agreed to help on the condition that after the victory he would have to give half of the Garhakota state.  With the help of Scindia's huge army, the army of Garhakota drove away Bhonsle's army.

According to the condition, Arjun Singh had to give the important part of Garhakota state like Garhakota, Malthon to the Scindia and he himself went to Shahgarh. Scindia had given him only the wooded and rocky part of Shahgarh, but Arjun Singh again took control of Garhakota fort in 1819.  However, after this he could rule only a few months and  then sindhiya annexed Garhakota with the help of Britishers.According to the treaty of regulation in 1861 AD, Garhkota was taken by the British and other areas were given to Scindia.

Details about the coin's -
Ruler - Daulat Rao Scindia  (1794-1827)
INO Shah Alam II
Denomination - Rupee
Issue year - 1222 AH / 1807AD
Obv - Julus maimanat manus sanah 55 zarb Garhakota.
Rev - Sikka e zad br haft kishwar fazl illah hami e din muhammad alam baadshah with AH 1222 & pennant' and 'Trisul' symbols.

Rarity - Rare !

Garhakota Mint, copying designs of the Maratha rupee of Sagar Mint, in the name of Shah Alam II, RY55, with 'pennant' and 'Trisul' symbols on obverse,

The rupees of Sagar and Garhakota differ only in terms of silver contents, with the latter being more debased than former.

References :-
The entire incident is mentioned in the Sagar Gazetteer.

Naye duniya Hindi newspaper article

पुस्तक ग्वालियर राज्य के सिक्के भाग गढ़ाकोटा एच् बी माहेश्वरी

I also attach the pic of the Garhakota fort

Muhammad Sarwar Khan

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A good catch, sarwar khan. A likeable coin, nicely decorated. Can you say something about the symbol to the right of the lotus flower on the right picture?

A coin that gives an insight in the brutal kitchen of internecine fighting among Indian states that opened the way to colonisation.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.