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Unauthorized 5 pounds coin Gibraltar 2019 Queen Victoria

Started by eurocoin, June 21, 2021, 09:07:59 PM

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These photos were mistakenly added on a Numista page of a coin of Guernsey. They however show an intriguing 5 pounds coin of Gibraltar dated 2019, issued for the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria. The piece claims to have been made of 1oz of fine silver. Problem is that the release of no such coin was ever officially authorized. No official authorization has been published for this coin, nor is it mentioned on a list of coins that Gibraltar issued without Queen Elizabeth II's portrait that was provided to Gibraltarian MP's (though the latter is not conclusive evidence as the list mentioned was far from complete anyway). Furthermore I am unable to find any other pieces of this coin. It does appear to have been professionaly made, and does not look like a fantasy though.. 


Any thoughts on if this piece may be related to a 20 pence issue that just has the castle and keys design as the obverse?


I was now able to find a second specimen of this coin, after having received information on which Numista user added the photos above to the (incorrect) coin page, which was a German member. 2,5000 pieces were made and at least a part of those, but likely all, were released on the German market. The reverse design already looked very typical to me but I could not remember where I had seen it before. It is a typical designing style that can be seen on coins that are being sold by the commercial German coin dealers like MDM. These coins are also being developed and produced locally. The coins come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Joe Bossano, the Gibraltarian minister responsible for the Gibraltar National Mint. So, it appears to be an official issue, only the correct legal procedures were apparently not followed.


As far as I remember this coin is indeed a part of the pure silver 1 oz. series of coins issued by MDM.