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Started by bhx7, June 09, 2021, 07:14:00 PM

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Hi Guys

I am steadily getting through my tokens, attributing, weighing and measuring, etc..
These two I thought would be easy to find but maybe I have skipped past them, or are they foriegn?

Both are the same diameter, 21.2mm and have the same legends: Obv: FREE  PLAY  ONLY with a lined diamond <> as the stop; Rev: NO CASH OR TRADE VALUE again with  diamond stop,
although on the circular holed one is again lined, but the hexagonal holed one is a solid diamond  - See images

Looking for help identifying company etc..



this tokens have Hayes numbers 396-12 (round hole) and 396-13 so must have been in use in the GB
can I use your photos for my site?
although it will be a long time before we get to this one.
We are working on the tokens starting with letter B now.
we're done with the tokens that start with the letter A, but we're still missing some photos!
We only describe tokens that we have photos of (confirmation)


Thanks Parkingtokens.

Yes you a very welcome to use my images. If you need more give me a shout as I have just started documenting all of mine with Hayes numbers



The token above with the round hole would only be Hayes-396.12 if both spacers where diamond spacers as seen on the "NO CASH OR TRADE VALUE" side of the token. The spacer on the "FREE PLAY ONLY" side of the round holed piece shown above is an "outline diamond spacer" - so this is likely an unlisted type.

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


Thanks Paul.

It definitely is a "outline diamond spacer" on the FREE PLAY ONLY side of the token and solid on the Obv.