Gibraltar to depict living persons on collectors coins

Started by eurocoin, March 08, 2021, 01:35:06 PM

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Do you know if the base metal coin is a bimetallic coin or it's just gold/yellow plated on the outer ring?



Quote from: eurocoin on March 26, 2021, 11:56:50 AM
I cannot guarantee that the coins will in the future not become available cheaper elsewhere.

Indeed, coins (only uncoloured version) are avaliable for 5 GBP at Gibraltar National Mint Website. Limit is 2 pieces per user.
Also avaliable 2Ł Christmas coins (limit 4) or 4 GBP each and 50p Christmas (limit 4) for 1Ł each so you can buy all 3 to save on shipping costs (for me it was little above 7 pounds for shipping).

Regardng the metal - this is standard bimetallic like all other 2 pounds coins. Confirmed with GNM.


I didn't manage to grab the Xmas 50p, nor the 2£ (back in November the quota was 2pcs/persons), but it seems the coloured Rumble on the Rock 2£ coin will be available on the GiB Mint site soo - atm out of stock - if somebody is interested in it.

OT: finally the Covid 50p seems to be on offer too, I wonder whether they will show up in circulation :)